maandag 17 oktober 2011

Story so far ...

The party heads for the nearest spice warehouse and enter it while a beggar child runs off to warn someone. Inside, the party finds a trapdoor. When Dorn opens it, it explodes. The party then descends into a tunnel and emerges in a subterranean building filled with beggards and a gelatinous cube. After defeating them, the party exits the building through a door leading towards an undergroun street. They then enter another building that turns out to be a temple where beggars worship Tiamat. The beggars attack the party but they can defeat all the beggards and capture their leader. After questioning him, confirming the party's thoughts that Telicanthus is up to no good, BGC tries to loot the monetary sacrifices the beggars made to Tiamat. But the coins come to life and form the shape of a dragon who attacks the party.

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