zondag 22 november 2009

Story so far ...

The party continues their exploration of the underground crypt and finds an unconscious eladrin suffering from a headwound. The party can revive him but draws the attentions of spectral undead that glide out of the walls. The party can defeat the ghosts and release them from their undead state. One of the ghosts warns the party of a dangerous undead lord that held sway over them and that seeks to use the captives from Brindol in an unholy ritual to augment his undead state. The party is drained from their battles and decides to retire for the night. They return to their dwarven allies at the entrance and spend the night.
The next day the party encounters fiery creatures and more goblins and they can rescue another of the captives, the castellan of the Hall of Great Valor. In addition they loot a crypt and recover several magical items. They then escort the Castellan to the entrance where Dorn is keeping watch. When they return, they have to battle their way through more undead only to discover they have come too late to rescue Kartenix, the captain of the guard. The party finds his corpse in the zombies' lair. The party also finds another magical item. They then push through and have to fight hobgoblins and drakes to reach another crypt. Here they rob the dead as well and find several magic items. The party finds Mirtalla the cook tied to an altar that used to be dedicated to Vecna but has been rededicated to Bane. Felisin tries to bless it in the name of Corellon but fails. The party can coax the catatonic cook out of her fear and escorts her to the other villagers at the entrance to the crypt.

Before going up a level and propably enter the ruins of the castle proper, the party checks out a set of stairs leading down from the entry hall. When Nighthawk opens the doors, he gets charged by to massive horned lizards that almost kill him. Nighthawk's pet cat comes to his rescue and Felisin keeps him alive until he can strike back. After defeating the drakes, the party discovers the witch Zerriksa trapped in a magical circle. With the help of Altaris, Nighthawk and his perceptive feline companion, Ozan is able to break the circle and release the crone. They escort her topside as well.

The party then heads up the stairs towards the lower levels of Castle Rivenroar. At the top of the stairs more hobgoblins and their drake allies await the party. During the fight a goblin spellcaster appears and harasses the party but they can defeat him. The party finds more sarcophagi to loot and recover more magical items. They also find Jalissa, the missing acolyte of Ioun, who takes an affectionate intrest in Nighthawk's companion upon her rescue. Ozan escorts her to the entrance while the rest of the party continue their ascent.
The party then comes upon more hobgoblins and their leader, the mighty Sinruth himself. After a long battle in a room filled with menhirs emanating with cold, the party can defeat them. On Sinruth's body, the party finds a note. But weary from the battle, the party returns to the entrance to recover.

Session 2 d.d. 21/11/2009

Rescue At Rivenroar (part 2)

DM: Jeroen

Party: Nighthawk (Wim), BFC (Joost), Felisin (Fausto), Ozan (Patrick), Altaris (James)

Experience (per character): 702 (current) + 970 (session) = 1672

Treasure: Boar Charge Totem (Joost), Healer's Brooch +1 (Fausto), Skald's Leather Armor +1 (Patrick), Staff of Ruin (James), Leather Armor +1 (Wim), Claw Gloves (Joost), Bracers of Respite (Fausto), Master's Wand of Phantom Bolt (James), Paired Handaxe +1 (Wim), Aftershock Handcrossbow (Patrick)

Gold (per character): 0 (current) + 156 (session) = 156

Residium (per character): 0 (current) + 20 (session) = 20

Potions: Potion of Healing (Wim), Potion of Healing (Patrick)