woensdag 30 december 2009

Story so far ...

The party enters the Monastery of the Sundered Chain and encounter more orcs defiling this dwarven stronghold. During the fight, they gain the assistance of a half-elven bard who resided in the monastery. After the fight, the party descends into the bowls of the monastery and fight their way through the orc invaders' ranks. At the bottom of the monastery they can free the last remaining dwarven defender, the paladin Kalad. Kalad informs them that more orcs are planning to invade the dwarven strongholds through the vents, a natural heat-exhaust system of a sort.

The party spends the night in the monastery and heads out at first light. After traveling more than a day, they arrive at the vents and discover that another party had already entered here. From the council assignments, the party remembers that the Farstriders were send to the vents. The party has to navigate the vents and gets lost once but Nighthawk's feline companion can finaly put them on the right track. When they exit the tunnels, they encounter more orcs and slay them. Dorn learns that Kalad is also a Moradihammar.

Session 4 d.d. 30/12/2009

Siege of Bordrin's Watch (part 2)

DM: Wim

Party: BFC (Joost), Felisin (Fausto), Altaris (James), Dorn (Jeroen), Kilani (Marijke)

Experience (per character): 2762 (current) + 869 (session) = 3631

Treasure: Power Jewel (Marijke), Magic Holy Symbol +2 (Fausto), Horned Helmet (Joost), Shimmering Cloth Armor +1 (James), Horned Helmet (Jeroen), Medic's Mace +1 (Fausto)

Gold (per character): 271 (current) + 136 (session) = 407

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: Potion of Healing (James), Potion of Healing (Fausto), Potion of Healing (Marijke)

Remarks: Due to the nature of the adventure every character starts at 4th level next adventure. The session ended after the first milestone and no daily powers have been used yet.

zondag 6 december 2009

Story so far ...

After traveling for several days, the party is finally through the Westdeep forest and almost within sight of Overlook. But the party finds trouble ahead as they discover the destruction of a trade caravan by orc raiders. The party engages the orcs and kill them but is too late to save the lives of the caravan people. From amongst the caravan's remains, the party can only salvage a set of dwarven armor and a strongbox holding the symbol of the Elsir Consortium. Unable to open the box, the party decides to take it with them and deliver it back at the Elsir Consortium in Overlook. Unable to bury so many corpses, the party stack the remains of the wagons together and lite a funeral pyre.

The rest of the journey to Overlook is uneventful and the party arrives in Overlook where they learn that lots of mercenary and adventuring bands are already gathering in the dwarvenbuild city. The party seeks lodging and asks for directions to the Elsir Consortium and the citycouncil. They learn that the city council is holding a public session that afternoon. With some free time on their hands, the party heads for the Elsir Consortium to deliver the strongbox. There they meet with Bran Ironfell who thanks them for returning the strongbox and the news of what happend with the caravan. The dwarf is very distressed at the thought that orcs are on the east side of the mountains.

The party then heads to an inn for refreshments. There they meet with another adventuring band called the Freeriders. The party swaps tales and rumours and then head out to the special council. The dwarven rulers of the city address the crowd of adventurers and mercenaries and then hands out assignments. The party takes the assignment to deliver word of the growing orc threat to the remote Monastary of the Sundered Chain, a place of worship for followers of Moradin.

After the councilsession is disbanded, the party can talk to one of the leaders of Overlook. They are thanked in advance for their assistance and given a map to the monastary. The dwarf is not happy to learn that orcs have already found their way across the mountains but is relieved when he hears Brindol will send reinforcements.

The party rests for the night at the inn and leaves the following morning to warn the monks at the monastary. The road is long and difficult but the party can make good speed, only needing to spend one night in the mountains.

When they finaly reach the monastary, they notice plumes of smoke coming from the courtyard. The monastary is already under attack by orcs. The party rushes into the courtyard and can defeat some orcs. Hopefully they are not too late to save the monks.

Session 3b d.d. 05/12/2009

Siege of Bordrin's Watch (part 1)

DM: Wim

Party: BFC (Joost), Felisin (Fausto), Altaris (James), Ak'iss (Wesley), Dorn (Jeroen)

Experience (per character): 2382 (current) + 380 (session) = 2762

Treasure: Battleforged Plate Armor +1 (Jeroen)

Gold (per character): 271 (current) + 0 (session) = 271

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: None

Story so far ...

After resting, the party ventures forth in the dungeon once more. While moving towards the upper levels, Nighthawk's feline companion draws the attention of the party. The cat had discovered a goblin hiding. The party restrains itself and does not kill the small creature on sight. The goblin introduces himself as Ak'iss and tells his story in broken common of how he was forced to join Sinruth's band after his tribe was defeated. The party gains information about the Rivenroar crypts from the goblin and decides to let him join the party.

But during the night, the undead have not been idle as well. Several of the foul creatures have been reanimated by their undead leader and spring a trap upon the party. The party fights bravely and can destroy them, hopefully this time for good. From a magical scrying pool, the party learns which opponents they still have to face. They also learn that Thurann, the last of the prisoners from Brindol is being held by an undead creature that is leaching the boys lifeforce in a magical ritual. The party sees the need for haste and continue their exploration of the crypts. Before long they stumble upon the wight as he is still performing the unholy rite. He animates several piles of bones into skeletons and combat erupts. In the end they can kill the wight and release the boy.

After returning the boy to the entrance and leaving him in the care of Dorn and the other companions, the party sets forth to seek out the last remaining items that were stolen from Brindol's Hall of Great Valor. When they enter a strange room, two zombies call to life an undead monstrosity that attacks the party. But the foul creature is quickly destroyed by the coordinated actions of the party. Pressing on, the party finaly enters a chapel where a hobgoblin spellcaster is hiding with more undead minions. After defeating them, the party can recover the last stolen items from Brindol.

The return trip to Brindol is easy as Nighthawk's feline companions seems to know the way. Upon arrival in Brindol, the party is welcomed as heroes. Soon Alys arrives to ask them to visit the town council. There they meet councilmember Troyas again who is very pleased with their success. He hopes the party will want to work for them in the future if the need arrises. He also upholds his deal with lady Felisin and promises to send half of the city's defenders to Overlook as soon as the can be mustered. He pays the party what they were promised and even hands out some magical items to the party. That evening a large feast is held in honor of the party but the next morning finds the party already on the road to Overlook ...

Session 3a d.d. 05/12/2009

Rescue At Rivenroar (part 3)

DM: Jeroen

Party: Nighthawk (Wim), BFC (Joost), Felisin (Fausto), Altaris (James), Ak'iss (Wesley)

Experience (per character): 1672 (current) + 710 (session) = 2382

Treasure: all the characters who have not yet found their lvl3 and lvl4 items, receive them at the end of the session

Gold (per character): 156 (current) + 115 (session) = 271

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: Potion of Healing (Fausto)