zondag 28 maart 2010

Story so far ...

The party enters the foundry in search of Mordra and discovers a bunch of goblins working the pipes of the foundry. When Nighthawk's pet suprises them, one of the goblins turns out to be Mordra. Battle erupts and Modra releases a mutated boar hidden in the foundry. The party can defeat the goblins and the mutant beast and slay Modra. When they search the foundry they discover the secret passageway to Sarshan's tower. The party recovers their strength before heading out.

When they reach the tower, the party has to fight a party of shadar-kai. One of the shadar-kai activates a shadow trap that hampers the party but in the end they can defeat them. When they enter the next room, they come across more shadar-kai discussing with a dark one while a wraith hovers nearby. When the party's presence is discovered, the dark one darkens the room while the wraith's mad whispers shake the party. The party is forced to retreat into the previous room with the shadar-kai on their heels. There they can fight the wraith and the dark one one after the other and defeat them. A band of gnolls is all that stands in their way before they can explore the rest of the tower.

After resting, the party pushes on and heads up to the next level of the tower. There they encounter a band of vermin swarms. They can defeat the insects but just as they down the last one, a party of shadar-kai guards arrives and demands that the party surrenders.

Session 7 d.d. 28/03/2010

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge (part 3)

DM: Fausto

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Dorn (Jeroen), Kilani (Marijke), Trix (Jurgen)

Experience (per character): 6536 (current) + 1335 (session) = 7871

Treasure: Iron Armbands of Power (Marijke), Amulet of Mental Resolve +2 (Wim), Magic Hide Armor +2 (Jurgen), Hammer Shield (Jeroen), Elven Battlehide +2 (Joost)

Gold (per character): 807 (current) + 0 (session) = 807

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: none

woensdag 24 maart 2010

Story so far ...

As the party continues their journey through the caverns, they come upon a finished stone chamber, a storeroom of sorts with an enormous open archway in the middle of the room. The party has to fight a shadarkai witch, her dark creeper henchmen and a pair of shadow hounds. After defeating the shadowfolk, the party identifies the archway as a portal. The party also recovers a brass key similar to the one they have already. Unwilling to travel through it, the party continues through a pair of stone doors.

The next chamber holds another archway and a dark creeper. The dark creeper dissappears into the shadows and wraiths come out of the archway and attack the party. The dark creeper offers the party a deal: hand over the brass key and he will recall the wraiths. The party does so but the dark creeper uses the key to travel through the portal, leaving the party alone with the wraiths. The party is forced to retreat to the previous room and risk using the key to travel through the portal. They end up in a warehouse the other side of town.

After resting, the party returns through the portal and finds the wraiths gone. They use the remaining brass key to activate the second portal and travel to the shadowfell.

On the other side of the portal, the party learns that mercenaries are flocking to the camp of an armsdealer. When they travel through the camp, they learn all sorts of rumours. The party is assaulted by a band of ogres and have to defeat them in combat to gain some reputation with the camp's occupants. As they make their way alongside the area of the slave bazaar a volcanic tremor opens up a rift and several fiery creatures emerge and attack the party.

Session 6 d.d. 27/02/2010

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge (part 2)

DM: Fausto

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Dorn (Jeroen), Kilani (Marijke), Trix (Jurgen), Altaris (James)

Experience (per character): 5396 (current) + 1140 (session) = 6536

Treasure: Boots of the Fencing Master (Marijke), Paired Handaxes +2 (Wim), Staff of Ruin +2 (James), Grasping Longspear +2 (Jurgen)

Gold (per character): 775 (current) + 32 (session) = 807

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: ?