zaterdag 24 april 2010

Story so far ...

Now that they have gained a reputation for themselves, the party is asked by Bran Ironfeld, scion of Clan Ironfell and representative of the Elsir Consortium, to find the location of the lost Karak Lode mine, it's wealth able to shore up the defenses of Overlook.

The party sets out on the road using the vague directions Bran was able to give them. On their journey, the party is attacked by another clan of dwarves while traveling through the thornbushes. After the battle they encounter a ranger who guides them to Dunesend, a small vilage at the edge of a desert. Upon arrival in the village, the party discovers the village is reigned by terror in the form of a gnoll and his behir pet. The party defeats the gnoll and his satyr accomplices. They discover these work for Queen Sifatia. But the villagers do not welcome the aid the party gave them.

The party leaves the village after a fruitless exploration of a dwarven tower holding a shrine to Melora. They set out into the desert and after traveling for more than a day, they are attacked by a hag and her shifter minions. Even the land itself works agains them as they have to evade quicksand while battling the crone.

Session 8b d.d. 24/04/2010

The Lost Mines of Karak (part 1)

DM: Jurgen

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Dorn (Jeroen), Kilani (Marijke), Trix (Jurgen), Altaris (James), Felisin (Fausto)

Experience (per character): 8656 (current) + 965 (session) = 9621

Treasure: Leather Elven Battle Armor +2 (Wim)

Gold (per character): 1211 (current) + 326 (session) = 1537

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: Potion of Healing (Marijke), Potion of Healing (Wim), Potion of Healing (James), Potion of Healing (James)

Story so far ...

Although Dorn is unwilling to surrender, the party agrees to comply. The archway pulses with a white light and another man steps through. He resembles the beggar the party met in Overlook. The beggar turns out to be Sarshan.

While the party is talking to him an explosion rocks the city as the foundry explodes. The party then attacks the shadar kai around the elevator. During the fight Sarshan escapes. The party has no choice but to escape the Shadowfell through a portal in the tower. Once returned to Overlook, the party reports to the authorities.

Session 8a d.d. 24/04/2010

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge (part 4)

DM: Fausto

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Dorn (Jeroen), Kilani (Marijke), Trix (Jurgen), Altaris (James)

Experience (per character): 7871(current) + 785 (session) = 8656

Treasure: Badge of the Berserker +2 (Jeroen), Orb of Nimble Thoughts +2 (James)

Gold (per character): 807 (current) + 404 (session) = 1211

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: none