donderdag 17 juni 2010

Story so far ...

The next day the party comes upon the ruins of a dwarven fortress. When they try to enter, they find the causeway blocked by a series of portcullises. The party is forced to use brute strength and with a team effort lift the portcullises one by one to gain entrance to the keep.

While entering the keep, the party is attacked by troglodytes who strike from arrow slits and other secret places, slowing the party down. After defeating them, The party starts exploring both the entrance level and the level above simultaneously.

During their exploration, the party comes across the blocked entrance to a mineshaft. Leaving it for now, the party first clears the first two floors of the stronghold. They encounter more troglodytes and finally come upon Queen Shephatiath in her tree-filled throne room. They defeat the elf who turns out to be a dryad and her human lackeys.

On their way back to the mineshaft, the party is attacked by chokers and another troglodyte spellcaster but can defeat them. While traveling across the courtyard, the party is surprised by the presence of a burrowing carrion crawler and a flock of harpies.

Session 9 d.d. 30/05/2010

The Lost Mines of Karak (part 2)

DM: Jurgen

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Dorn (Jeroen), Altaris (James), Ozan (Patrick)

Experience (per character): 9621 (current) + 935 (session) = 10556

Treasure: Avalanche Hammer Craghammer +2 (Jeroen), Book of First Truth (Joost)

Gold (per character): 1537 (current) + 360 (session) = 1897

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: /