dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Story so far ...

While traveling the city of Overlook, the party is ambushed by local thugs supported by an arcane caster. The party learns that these thugs were send to recover a brass key the party found in the vents. After defeating the thugs, the party goes in search of another shadowfell creature, a dark creeper called Modra.

During their search they encounter Reniss, a half-elf ranger and sister to one of the Farstriders. Unfortunately, the party found her sister's body in the vents. The half-elf is sad but thanks the party for recovering her sister's body from the orcs. She steers the party in the direction of the Clean Sheets.

The party goes first to the Happy Beggar where they interrogate the owners and the customers. When Dorn inspects the cellar, he discovers a partially collapsed tunnel. With the aid of Nighthawk's pet, the tunnel can be cleared enough to allow passage. The rest of the party joins them and enter the tunnel. When they emerge they disturb a nest of batlike shadow creatures but defeat them in combat.

Session 5b d.d. 23/01/2010

The Shadow Rift of Umbraforge (part 1)

DM: Fausto

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Dorn (Jeroen), Kilani (Marijke), Trix (Jurgen)

Experience (per character): 4911 (current) + 485 (session) = 5396

Treasure: Bracers of Brachiation (Joost)

Gold (per character): 643 (current) + 132 (session) = 775

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: none

Story so far ...

The party goes deeper into the complex and enters a large room where several automations are waiting for them. The party notices traps near the entrance and can avoid stepping on the pressure plates. The automations seem to ignore Dorn and Kalad with their attacks but the party is forced to destroy them.

In the next room the party encounters more orc intruders who are trying to sabotage the valves on large pipes that are running through the room. While the party try to defeat the orcs, they are also attacked by fire beetles. The orcs also seem to work with a dark one, a creature from the shadowfell. When they defeat the orcs and try to capture the dark one, the shadow creature commits suicide rather than reveal for whom it is working. On the weapons of the orcs, the party notice once again the markings of a black arrow.

The party heads deeper into the vents and arrives at the Nexus. The following battle with orcs on the ledges running around this massive hall sees the party defeating the orc chieftain Tusk and his shadar kai witch. The party can finally seal off the nexus by filling the massive chamber with scalding water before escaping through a hatch at the top of the chamber.

The party then follows Kalad to Bordrin's Watch where the party aids in the defence of the fortress. The dwarves at Bordrin's Watch can turn back the orc horde after five days of fighting. The party are recognized as heroes and given badges of distinction. While the party enjoys some downtime but believe that the quest is still not completely over as they still do not know who is behind the orc threat and who is providing the black arrow-marked weapons to the orcs and goblins in the Elsir Vale.

Session 5a d.d. 23/01/2010

Siege of Bordrin's Watch (part 3)

DM: Wim

Party: BFC (Joost), Felisin (Fausto), Dorn (Jeroen), Kilani (Marijke), Trix (Jurgen)

Experience (per character): 3750 (current) + 1161 (session) = 4911

Treasure: Badge of the Berserker +1 (Joost), Magic Finemail Chainmail +2 (Marijke), Iron Armbands of Power (Jurgen)

Gold (per character): 407 (current) + 236 (session) = 643

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: Potion of Healing (Jurgen)