zondag 25 juli 2010

Story so far ...

The party enters the abandonned temple and discovers Alys bound and gagged in the middle of the temple. Before they can reach her, they spot figures hiding the shadows. Their ambush foiled, the lost ones and their attack dogs attack the party.

Halfway through the fight, three cloacked strangers appear and attack the party. The lost ones eye the newcomers wearily and although they do not fight like allies, neither do they attack the newcomers. When the party can kill one of the newcomers, it turns out to be a shapeshifter. But with the new arrivals, the party is hard pressed and, after freeing Alys, forced to retreat into the streets of Overlook. Buying the party the time to escape, Nighthawk's feline companion is downed. The party is forced to leave her behind. Ozan tries to linger behind in the shadows but is also forced to flee when the lost ones spot him trying to follow the other shapeshifters who carry off BFC.

Out of immediate danger, Alys can deliver her message. She was sent by Sertanian, castellan of Brindol. He is in need of the party in regards with some item the party recoverd from castle Rivenroar.

After having licked their wounds, the party delves into the seedy side of Overlook, trying to track down their missing partymember. With diplomacy or sheer intimidation, the party can discover the location of where the shapeshifters are going to hand over the cat. When they barge in, they discover BFD is alright. The remaining shapeshifters are quickly downed and interrogated but they can reveal nothing the party has not yet learned.

Reunited with their feline companion, the party starts the journey to Brindol. On the road, they encounter a dwarven patrol who warns them of gnoll raiders in the area. Upon arrival in Brindol, the party is invited to spend dinner and the night at the house of a family member of one of the captives that they rescued from castle Rivenroar.

In the morning they go see Sertanian at the hall of great valor. He reveals to them that the platinum sword the party recovered from castle Rivenroar started to speak a few weeks ago and asked for the adventuring party. When the castellan shows them the sword, it starts to speak and explains to them that it has been awakened by events that are transpiring at fortress Graystone, a gith construction. A gnoll shaman is trying to twist a breach into the Elemental Chaos so he can become an exarch of Yeenoghu. The blade beseeches the party to stop the gnoll and use a ritual to return itself back to its original state.

As the party is questioning the blade, a firebomb is tossed into the hall and several bountyhunters enter the hall by force, seeking to capture the party. The party can dispatch them and contain the fire. The mercenary Gilgathorn arrives too late to be of assistance and claims to be travelling through Brindol. When they question the bountyhunters, again the party learns that the identity of the one who placed the bounty on their heads is hidden very well.

Although wanting to return to Overlook to discover who is placing so much money on their heads, The party sets out for fortress Graystone as the rift to the elemental chaos is a more precent matter. During the trip they discover that someone is leaving traps and hazards behind intent on slowing the party down.

When they arrive at the steps leading to fortress Graystone, the party is attacked by gnolls. Amidst the gnolls a spirit of some sort causes havoc when it floats right into one of the huge gith statues that surround the stairs. The statue then comes to life and attacks the party. Even though they can destroy the statue, the spirit keeps taking over other statues. In the end the party can defeat the ghostlike creature and the gnolls.

Sessie 11 d.d. 25/07/2010

Den of the Destroyer (part 2)

DM: Jeroen

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Kilani(Marijke), Ozan (Patrick), Altaris (James)

Experience (per character): 12669 (current) + 1740 (session) = 14409

Treasure: survivor's belt (Wim), Learning Scimitar +2 (Patrick)

Gold (per character): 2377 (current) + 140 (session) - 20 (potions) = 2497

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: potion of healing x2 (James)

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Story so far ...

After returning to Overlook, the party meets up with Kalad who warns them that a messenger from Brindol is looking for the party. When they try to find Alys, the party learns that she has been kidnapped by the Lost Ones. The party sets out to track down Alys and her captors. During their search, the party encounter Gilgathorn, one of the mercenaries they saw at the Overlook war council. He warns them that a price has been put on the partymembers' heads. He doesn't know who is the contractor but warns them to be carefull.

After a reckless chase through the city, the party can finaly catch up with the kidnappers at an abandonned temple of Pelor.

Sessie 10b d.d. 27/06/2010

Den of the Destroyer (part 1)

DM: Jeroen

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Trix (Jurgen), Ozan (Patrick)

Experience (per character): 12481 (current) + 188 (session) = 12669

Treasure: /

Gold (per character): 2377 (current) + 0 (session) = 2377

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: /

Story fo far ...

The party finally descends to the lower level of the fortress. Dorn and the party's feline companion scout out the rooms while Nighthawk keeps an eye on the party's rogue so he can't "borrow" any of the loot from the taxed village. Following the sound of birds chirping, BFC discovers a cell block with one cell holding an elderly man with seven yellow cannaries. The old man is unresponsive when freed but willing to follow the party. The party also discovers a dwarven burial chamber on this level of the fortress. Dorn unwilling to distrub the rest of the dwarves, tries to convince the others to let the dead be. But alas, Ozan is too curious and when he has a look around, one of the vault doors slams open and a humanoid batlike creature emerges and attacks the party, summoning duplicates to come to his aid.

After defeating the berbaling, the party discovers that beneath one of the cells lies a secret tunnel into the mines themselves. The party descend on a wooden lift. When they arrive below, they find the way is blocked by a portcullis. As they try to lift it, the party comes under attack of several troglodytes and are forced to retreat temporarily under the onslaught of magical traps. Upon their return, Dorn is able to lift the portcullis, and the party can take the fight to the troglodytes.

After defeating the troglodytes, the party enter a vast gallery domminated by a vein of strange red-glowing stone. When they try to inspect it, they are attacked by several monsters. After defeating them, the party searches the rest of the mines.

Finally they come upon a circular cavern showing signs of excavation. The way across is blocked by a wide crevice that pulses with a lurid red glow. Two red skinned demons attack the party while their queen, a snakelike creature with a humanoid face sits back atop a gruesome bier of dwarven skulls. The fight is hard but in the end, the party can defeat the creatures.

In the naga's belongings the party discovers notes that the wide crevice is a portal to the elemental chaos. The naga also seemed to have openend the mines in name of an unknown master. Since the party has no magical means of closing the portal, the party returns to the lower level of the fortress and collapse the shaft behind them, vowing to return to close the portal more permanently. Having stopped the evil that lurked with the mines, the party returns to Dunesend, returning the villagers their property, and then to back to Overlook.

Sessie 10a d.d. 27/06/2010

The Lost Mines of Karak (part 3)

DM: Jurgen

Party: BFC (Joost), Nighthawk (Wim), Dorn (Jeroen), Ozan (Patrick)

Experience (per character): 10556 (current) + 1925 (session) = 12481

Treasure: Sunblade +2 (Patrick), Primordial Ring* (Joost), Boots of Striding (Patrick)

Gold (per character): 1897 (current) + 480 (session) = 2377

Residium (per character): 20 (current) + 0 (session) = 20

Potions: Potion of Healing (Patrick), Potion of Healing (Wim)