zaterdag 3 oktober 2009

Story so Far ...

The elven nobles arrive with their escort in Brindol. While Dorn is seeking lodging, the party enters a tavern to have a drink. There they hear rumors of war to the west. Suddenly goblinoids burst into the tavern and attack the tavern's occupants. The party fights them off but cannot prevent that the goblins put the tavern on fire. The party helps to form a bucket brigade and can control the fire. After catching their breath, the party sees a curious sight coming around a corner: a cart being pulled by an ogre with two hobgoblins in the back. The party engages the ogre and the goblins and can defeat them. A messenger by the name of Alys arrives and asks them to go to the bridge entrance of Brindol. When the party arrives at the bridges, they meet up with Dorn and Ozan who took out their share of goblinoids. Unfortunately, several of the goblins escaped Brindol using the other bridge. After making sure that there are no more goblins in Brindol and that the fires are under control, the party retires for the night.

In the morning, the party meets Alys once more as she brings a message from one of Brindol's councilmembers. The party follows her to his estate and can convince the nobleman that they are worthy for the task he has for them. The party learns that several of Brindol's citizens were kidnapped last night and that the goblins also raided the Great Hall of Valor, taking a lot of relics from The Red Hand attack on Brindol 10 years ago. While they have no great monetary value, these items do mean a lot to the citizens of Brindol. After agreeing to rescue the prisoners and retrieve the items, the party first interrogates a captured hobgoblin by the name of Morik. They can convince the hobgoblin to share information about the goblin's leader and hideout. The party then gathers supplies and heads out into the mountains north of Brindol to the ruins of castle Rivenroar. The journey is uneventful and after 8 hours of traveling they arrive at the ruins. The tracks of the hobgoblins lead straight into the crypts beneath the ruins.

When the party enters the underground complex, they have to fight goblins and hobgoblins as soon as they enter the entrychamber. After defeating them, Ozan decides to scout ahead. At the top of some stairs he discovers a floor with glowing runes. Unfortunately they are guarded by swarms of tiny dragonlike creatures. They trip him and he falls down the stairs. When the party returns to this room in full force they not only have to fight these annoying drakes but their goblin masters as well. In the end, the party can defeat them. When they explore the next room, they discover one of the missing citizens, a dwarf alchemist by the name of Andronsius. After freeing him, the party returns him to the surface where Dorn is guarding the entrance.

The party then sets off in another direction and have to battle more hobgoblins and goblins. During this fight, Nighthawk's feline companion drops down into a pit. The feline sees and hears creatures moving in but can climb out of the pit before they can attack.

Session 1 d.d. 03/10/2009

Rescue At Rivenroar (part 1)

DM: Jeroen

Party: Nighthawk (Wim), BFC (Joost), Felisin (Fausto), Caladon (Giovanni), Trix (Jurgen), Ozan (Patrick)

Experience (per character): 0 (current) + 702 (session) = 702

Treasure: none

Money (per character): none

Residuum (per character): none

Potions: none